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social media strategy * metrics & analytics * e-commerce * web design * content creation & user engagement * community management * localization (english/german) * blogger outreach

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Social Media Strategy 

--> Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr... the list goes on! Do you know which social media platforms are right for you?
--> How often is often enough and not too much? Timing is key. The smart amount of updates with the appropriate content that keep your audience engaged.

Metrics and Analytics

--> Do you use Google Analytics? I can show you how to get the most out of it!
--> What Hootsuite or Facebook Insights and other tools can offer you.


--> You have great products and need an online place to sell them. 
--> You're looking for an inexpensive e-commerce solution that you can easily maintain yourself once it's set up.

Web Design

--> You already have a website and need certain improvements? I know HTML since its first versions and can help you with all your front-end needs.
--> Are you more on the look-out for a blogging style website? Whatever you have in mind, just ask.

Content Creation

--> Each of your departments has information to share. Now what?
--> There's a too much of the good. Value people's time and attention span. 

Community Management

--> You have an audience? You have a community! 
--> Learn about the chances and pitfalls of fostering an online community. 
--> You provide awesome customer service and engage on Facebook and Twitter, what else is needed?
--> With my successful and proven track record in professional community management (ciaofotologsmiley360), I think I've seen it all and am able to offer solutions for the small issues as well as the big picture.


--> Your main focus is on the English speaking market but you're thinking of expanding to Europe, with Germany as a start? 
--> I can help you with your translation and localization needs, including getting your social media presence overseas going as well.

Blogger Outreach

--> A long time blogger myself, I know how to establish relationships with influential bloggers and how to keep them prosperous. 
--> Whatever your specific needs are, I find you the best suited bloggers and they will get the word out. 

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